KDR Installations Inc.


KDR Installations Inc. is a Calgary based office furniture installation company that has been in operation since 2011.  The Company ownership has been in the industry since 1997. KDR specializes in both office furniture installation as well as the decommissioning of used office furniture. Due to the unfortunate downturn in our economy, we are finding an urgent need for property management companies to clear out unwanted, unused office furniture in order to return the floors to base status for rental.

Our goal is to help with the removal process and take the burden away from the client. KDR has a few options to make this simple and cost effective. No job is out of reach as we have completed projects as small as a couple of stations to as large as 10 floors. We are an environmentally friendly company that refuses to use the landfill if at all possible and will recycle as much as required.

KDR will work with you and your facilities to insure that you get the best service in the industry. We have three options that we like to offer our clients:

Option 1- If the office furniture is not resalable and needs to be removed for disposal/recycle, KDR will provide a quote based on your needs and expectations for the removal and recycle of unwanted office furniture.

Option 2- If the furniture holds value, KDR will work with you to assess the value of the goods. IF possible, KDR will trade all labour and recycle costs for the assets leaving you with a $0 invoice for the removal and clean out of the entire project.

Option 3- If the furniture is newer, in excellent condition and deemed to have high value, KDR will work with you to create a purchase agreement. The proposal will include the value of the assets as well as the offsetting removal costs. Payment for the goods will be made prior to the job starting.

KDR Installations Inc. can and will make all of your decommission worries disappear. We are the industry’s leader in making this happen.


We look forward to hearing from you!